Minister McGrath Speaks Out on Inappropriate Use of Posters

Speaking after the Autism Conference in Croke Park this morning, Minister of State with special responsibility for Disabilities, Finian McGrath TD, said, “that children with Down Syndrome should not be used in this debate especially not in posters in the same way any children shouldn’t  be in poster for a Referendum campaign”.  He also said that, “Disability as grounds for termination is specifically outlawed in the draft legislation”. He strongly challenged the No campaigners on their misleading information.   “Downs Syndrome Ireland (D. S. I.) have already asked campaigners not to use children with Downs Syndrome in this debate.  As a former chairperson of D. S. I., and a parent, I support that [...]

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Government announces funding to Improve the Homes of Older People and People with a Disability

Today the Government announced that €66.25 million will be made available in 2018 for Housing Adaptations for Older People and People with a Disability living in private houses.  This investment will facilitate changes needed to make homes suitable for a person with a physical, sensory/intellectual disability or mental health difficulty, to enable older people and people with disabilities to remain living independently in their own homes for longer and also to facilitate early return from hospital.    The Housing Adaptation Grant helps people to make changes and adaptations to their home, for example, making it wheelchair-accessible, extending it to create more space, adding a ground-floor bathroom or toilet or adding a stair-lift. [...]

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Locations announced for €10m National Respite Programme

Finian McGrath TD, Minister of State with special responsibility for Disabilities, today announced where new respite facilities will be located nationally to support people with disabilities and their families. The Minister said, “This Government is committed to providing services and supports for people with disabilities which will empower them to live independent lives, provide greater independence in accessing the services they choose and enhance their ability to tailor the supports required to meet their needs and plan their lives. We are particularly committed to providing a range of accessible respite care supports for people with a disability, and their families. I am acutely aware of the pressure on carers of [...]

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