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McGrath slams attack on Democracy

Deputy Finian McGrath has strongly attacked politicians and others for their attacks on democracy in our State. “Those that are calling for a reduction in T.D.’s want to create a democracy that only includes the big political parties and the wealthy in Society.” Said the Northside Independent T.D. “They want to remove the dissenting voices [...]

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Finian McGrath commends Cuban Ambassador Noel Carrillo

Speaking at the farewell lunch today Wednesday 17th in Ivy House. Deputy Finian McGrath commended and thanked the Cuban Ambassador for building and developing the relationship between Ireland and Cuba and paid tribute to his magnificent work.   The Cuban Embassy is the only Embassy based on the Northside in Clontarf. Deputy McGrath also said that [...]

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Finian McGrath T.D. blasts Northside Politicians

Deputy Finian McGrath (Ind) has strongly attacked Northside Politicians for their silence in recent months. “Where were these politicians during the Senior Citizens Medical Card row, the Cervical Cancer issue and the huge cuts in Education”? Said the Northside T.D. “Their silence was deafening when vulnerable people needed them most” added McGrath. Most of these [...]

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