Minister Finian McGrath opens new premises of the Kerry Branch of Down Syndrome Ireland in Tralee

The Minister of State with special responsibility for Disabilities, Finian McGrath TD, today officially opened the new premises of the Kerry Branch of Down Syndrome Ireland in Tralee. The Minister said, “Through dedication of its committee, the Kerry Branch of Down Syndrome Ireland is a vibrant organisation which provides support to over 260 members and their families throughout Kerry, providing vital services such as speech and language therapy and occupational therapy to all service users in various locations throughout the county”. The new premises will enable Down Syndrome Ireland to provide group courses, meetings, parent and toddler groups and youth groups and will become the hub for administration throughout the [...]

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Disability Update

INDEPENDENT T.D.S BACK YOUNG PEOPLE WITH A DISABILITY Today a group of Independent T.D.s came out strongly in support of the 220 young people with a disability.   Spokesman for the group Finian McGrath T.D. said “It is a disgrace that a Government can find €2 billion for roads and buildings and yet cannot find €2-€3 million for severely disabled young people” “It is a National Scandal that the most vulnerable will pay the price yet again for the actions of others.   The facts are as follows: 1.        226 young disabled school leavers do not have a place for September. 2.        660 need some form of specialist placement 3.        40 Service [...]

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Independent Living

Greater Dublin Independent Living (GDIL) Principles of Independent Living Adapted from those launched in 1990 by the European Network on Independent Living 1. Independent living is a process of consciousness raising, empowerment and liberation. This progression enables all persons with a disability to achieve equal rights and opportunities in life. It allows them to take an active and full participation in all aspects of society. 2. Disabled people must be allowed to control this process individually and collectively. To achieve this goal we provide peer support and use democratic principles in our work and in our life. 3. As equal citizens in a progressive and inclusive society people with disabilities [...]

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McGrath Back Teachers

I seek the adjournment of the Dáil under Standing Order 32 to discuss an issue of national importance and concern, namely, the urgent need to save and protect the primary teacher substitute supply panel, which has been in existence since 1993, as the greatest losers will be tens of thousands of children in disadvantaged communities who will be deprived of a consistent service that was working well, is staffed by fully qualified and vetted personnel who the children and permanent staff know and is cost neutral. I call on all Members of the Oireachtas to support this service and the INTO in its efforts to defend and protect our education [...]

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McGrath slams attack on Democracy

Deputy Finian McGrath has strongly attacked politicians and others for their attacks on democracy in our State. “Those that are calling for a reduction in T.D.’s want to create a democracy that only includes the big political parties and the wealthy in Society.” Said the Northside Independent T.D. “They want to remove the dissenting voices and hinder more young people coming up through the Independent political ranks” said McGrath. The political establishment got a shock in the recent local elections with the huge increase in the election of Independent Councillors throughout the country.   Recent attacks on independents are all part of the political agenda.  “It might be popular to bash [...]

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Finian McGrath commends Cuban Ambassador Noel Carrillo

Speaking at the farewell lunch today Wednesday 17th in Ivy House. Deputy Finian McGrath commended and thanked the Cuban Ambassador for building and developing the relationship between Ireland and Cuba and paid tribute to his magnificent work.   The Cuban Embassy is the only Embassy based on the Northside in Clontarf. Deputy McGrath also said that he would continue to campaign for the release of the Miami 5 and also to break down the barriers between Cuba and the U.S.  “We need change, we need dialogue and we need an end to the cold war”  added McGrath Finian McGrath

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Finian McGrath T.D. blasts Northside Politicians

Deputy Finian McGrath (Ind) has strongly attacked Northside Politicians for their silence in recent months. “Where were these politicians during the Senior Citizens Medical Card row, the Cervical Cancer issue and the huge cuts in Education”? Said the Northside T.D. “Their silence was deafening when vulnerable people needed them most” added McGrath. Most of these T.Ds and Councillors stayed off the pitch during the tough times and now all of a sudden we see them again in the build-up to the local elections. Finian urged Northsiders to challenge them on the doors on how their parties voted in the Dail and in the Council? “Its time to end the old [...]

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McGrath welcomes €297 million new hospital at Beaumont

Deputy Finian McGrath has warmly welcomed the granting of Planning Permission for a new €297 million Independent Hospital at Beaumont. “This is a major investment on the Northside of Dublin” said McGrath. “It will create 500 new direct jobs and 780 indirect jobs. It will also provide 245 beds and on top of this they will assist the main hospital in funding and new services” added McGrath

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McGrath backs Cystic Fibrosis unit at Beaumont Hospital

Deputy Finian McGrath has come out strongly in favour of the new Cystic Fibrosis Unit at Beaumont Hospital. I totally support the recent planning application for the 6 new beds as part of the isolation facilities and wards for In-Patients. “We need these new services to commence and we need to move to the building phase in early 2009” said Deputy McGrath. He also commended the staff at Beaumont and also the families.

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