Finian McGrath is acknowledged by friends, colleagues, enemies, and the media alike as being a man of integrity.

Finian McGrath is acknowledged by friends, colleagues, enemies, and the media alike as being a man of integrity.


Anyone who meets Finian McGrath gets an immediate sense that he genuinely cares about people.

Shortly after that they perceive his strong sense of community spirit and appreciate he is a man of integrity. Anyone who knows his history knows how deeply ingrained in his personality these characteristics are.

"Dublin T.D. Finian McGrath has long been a champion of social causes"
Women's Way Magazine

As the Principal of a North Inner-City primary school, where he is remembered for his fairness and honesty by pupils, parents and colleagues alike, Finian experienced at first hand many facets of social disadvantage and these memories remain an important driving force for his work today.

His concern for the disadvan-taged has taken him into a wide variety of jobs. He was a full-time volunteer with Simon Community, an organisation which helps the homeless throughout Ireland. Finian has also been chairperson of the Dublin branch of Down's Syndrome Ireland, an area very close to his heart, and is an active member of Cumann an mBunscol G.A.A.

As a founder member of the Irish National Teachers Organisation (I.N.T.O.) Credit Union Finian has made a significant contribu-tion to the teaching community.

Finian is a widower who has been living in the Dublin North Central area for over twenty years now. He has two beautiful daughters -  Caoimhe and Cliodhna and is a proud grandfather.

As a board member of "Northside for the Unemployed" Finian has helped create support structures and opportunities for the long term unemployed in the area. He was a Founder Member, and one-time chairperson, of the Charlemont Residents Association. All of these demonstrate the reality of his philosophy - ‘Working for the Community, Living in the Community'.

The obvious honesty of his personality, policies and philosophy has resonated with the local pub-lic, who voted him first onto the Dublin City Council in 1999 and then into Dáil Éireann as an Inde-pendent T.D. in the 2002 General Election. He values this inde-pendence as it allows him to truly represent the people of Dublin North Central without the burden of party politics and their petty point-scoring.

"He answers questions with the speed and seriousness of a Government minister" - Magill

No one will be surprised to hear that he has been extremely active and has served as a member of the Joint Committee on Justice, Equality, Defence and Women's Rights and the sub-committee on the Barron Report.

People who hear all about his career so far find it hard to be-lieve the man is, by his own ad-mission, only 29 and ‘a number of months'.

He grew up in a family with a strong work ethic and this remains with him today. The Evening Herald recognised this when it said

"Finian McGrath works longer hours than the Taoiseach"

and everyone knows that Bertie is probably the hardest working Government leader we've ever had!

One thing you can be sure of, Finian will continue to stand up for the people of Dublin North Central, for minority groups and for the individual against vested interests. In Dáil Éireann he continues to take particular interest in issues relating to the elderly, disabilities, children, health, education, human rights and the peace process.

All in all, he's definitely the sort of person you'd want representing you in Dáil Éireann.