Today a group of Independent T.D.s came out strongly in support of the 220 young people with a disability.   Spokesman for the group Finian McGrath T.D. said “It is a disgrace that a Government can find €2 billion for roads and buildings and yet cannot find €2-€3 million for severely disabled young people”

“It is a National Scandal that the most vulnerable will pay the price yet again for the actions of others.   The facts are as follows:
1.        226 young disabled school leavers do not have a place for September.
2.        660 need some form of specialist placement
3.        40 Service users on the Northside of Dublin are in crisis need of Residential care.
4.        217 will require a new day service.
5.        2,248 will require residential care over the next 5 years.  Approximately 400 per year
6.        2,040 will need respite services.

Deputy McGrath thanked his Independent colleagues for their massive support.


Tom Fleming T.D.  John Halligan T.D.  Shane Ross T.D.  Catherine Murphy T.D.  Luke Ming Flanagan T.D.  Maureen O’Sullivan T.D. and Mattie McGrath T.D.