Deputy Finian McGrath (Ind) has strongly attacked Northside Politicians for their silence in recent months. “Where were these politicians during the Senior Citizens Medical Card row, the Cervical Cancer issue and the huge cuts in Education”? Said the Northside T.D.

“Their silence was deafening when vulnerable people needed them most” added McGrath.

Most of these T.Ds and Councillors stayed off the pitch during the tough times and now all of a sudden we see them again in the build-up to the local elections. Finian urged Northsiders to challenge them on the doors on how their parties voted in the Dail and in the Council? “Its time to end the old guff and hot air” said McGrath.

McGrath also commended the new Independent Candidate Damian O’Farrell for his hard work, bravery and integrity on these issues. It is time to challenge the fat-cats and stand up for the weaker sections in society” said Finian