Greater Dublin Independent Living (GDIL)
Principles of Independent Living
Adapted from those launched in 1990 by the European Network on Independent Living

1. Independent living is a process of consciousness raising, empowerment and liberation. This progression enables all persons with a disability to achieve equal rights and opportunities in life. It allows them to take an active and full participation in all aspects of society.

2. Disabled people must be allowed to control this process individually and collectively. To achieve this goal we provide peer support and use democratic principles in our work and in our life.

3. As equal citizens in a progressive and inclusive society people with disabilities must have the same access to the basics of life.
This includes: shelter, health care, assistive devices, personal support services, education, employment, information, communication, transportation and access to the physical and cultural environment and the right to form relationships and have families.

4. The Independent Living Movement in Dublin must encourage the involvement of disabled women and other under-represented groups in all processes that we work on.
Disabled children should be enabled by their families and society in general to become independent adults.

5. The Independent Living Movement in Dublin is opposed to the development and maintenance of systems which promote dependency through institutional responses.
Disabled people must obtain all the requirements for equalisation of opportunities and full participation by defining their own needs, choices and degree of user control.

6. Disabled people must involve themselves in research and development, planning and decision making, at all levels, in matters concerning their lives.