Minister McGrath, Thursday the 14th of May 2020, chaired the National Disability Inclusion Strategy meeting at the Department of Health. Despite the unusual circumstance with Covid-19, the meeting still went ahead by communicating digitally through the video conference software, Zoom.

Minister McGrath stated

“We know it is a tough time for everyone, particularly for those with disabilities who are isolated and missing their day services. But respite care and emergency residential services are still available”.

The Minister also acknowledged the staff on the front line who are working closely with families to try and deliver services during this difficult time.

There has so far been 150 cases of people with disabilities with Covid-19 and sadly 11 deaths. However 88% of the country’s residential services have so far not caught the disease.

Minster McGrath again emphasised his gratitude to the hard work that the staff are doing on the front line and in the services. “They are the heroes of our time”.