New Children’s Disability Respite House 

Wednesday 13th February 2019

The Minister for Disabilities Finian McGrath TD, today officially opened a new respite house in Ashbourne, Co Meath to support children with disabilities and their families.

The Minister said,

“This Government is committed to providing a range of accessible respite care supports for people with a disability, and their families. I am acutely aware of the pressure on carers of people with disabilities who are often under tremendous strain to keep going. That is why I sought and secured an additional €10m last year, to specifically enhance respite services”.

The Minister pointed out that there are now ten new respite houses open across the country, with another two to open in the coming weeks.

“These new houses will enable carers to get a well-deserved break and to maintain their own health and wellbeing”, the Minister added.

The Minister referred to how respite services are an important part of the range of services supporting people with disabilities and their families. He added “Short breaks can also provide an opportunity for individuals to meet new people, widening their social circle and gain new experiences. Respite care is crucial in helping to reduce family stress, preserve the family unit and provide stability.”

Referring to additional funding provided in the HSE National Service Plan for 2019, the Minister said that funding will be focused on a number of priority areas in disability services, arising from ongoing demographic changes. These include the expansion of community disability services to meet the needs of school-leavers, 100 new therapy posts to address assessment of need waiting lists for children with disabilities, Personal Assistance, and Home Support service hours, residential places and respite places.